GreyHair Alchemy Pty Ltd was formed in February 2002 to provide management and sales expertise to businesses and other organisations on an ad-hoc basis.

GreyHair Alchemy is a source of mature, competent professionals who desire to market their skills on a task-based or project basis. It appeals to both the professional who doesn't want to embrace permanent retirement and the lone consultant who would like to have an additional someone seeking out work opportunities.

That someone is GreyHair Alchemy.

How do we do it?

These days, GreyHair acts as a service provider to facilitate introduction of Australasian Interim Executive Association (AIEA) members to employers as and when required. You can get a good understanding of the AIEA goals and structure here.

Here's how we go about meeting your needs:  

  • The vacancy / opportunity is identified by GreyHair 
  • GreyHair assists the client to define the particular requirement
  • GreyHair identifies the AIEA member with the optimal mix of skills and experience; often more than one
  • GreyHair introduces the AIEA member(s) to the client
  • The client selects a person for the role and negotiates a remuneration package
  • GreyHair supports the relationship duration of the assignment.
  • The client will pay a fixed introduction fee for the selection service. This low fee does not vary, irrespective of the duration or level of the assignment.

This allows the client, perhaps otherwise hindered by a headcount constraint, to bring in an expert to assist with a particular need and pay only for the work required - no unproductive time, no holiday or sick leave pay, no overheads, no extraneous team members.

You define the Need; we'll match it with the Expert.

For additional information about the types of compatriots within the database check out our Skills Matrix.
The GreyHair Mission Statement
We create value by bringing together people of eminent experience with organisations in need of that experience.
"GreyHair Alchemy works primarily with the management of forward-thinking organisations who want to take advantage of the talents of industry leaders"