Value for Money

GreyHair has been providing immediately available senior executives Australia-wide since early 2002. Our core business has been in providing this talent in the form of Interim Managers, usually required because of the departure of a key executive, either through resignation or illness.

In December 2013, GreyHair entered into a Joint Venture agreement with the Australasian Interim Executive Association ( to engage and supply selected candidates (drawn from the AIEA membership) to Clients as required. 

If you want a real- live experienced HR person to understand what it is that you are seeking and say “leave it to me”, we can do that for you. (Just like the ‘old days’ with GreyHair.)

For an all-inclusive prepaid fee of $9900 GreyHair will

  1. Assign an experienced GreyHair professional to your account
  2. Help you select the skills and experience criteria for your engagement
  3. Search the member database and select the candidates that meet ALL your written criteria
  4. Contact the candidates, confirm their interest and availability
  5. Have each candidate apply, in writing, for your specific job
  6. Derive a shortlist that best meets your requirements
  7. Guarantee to provide two or more applicants for your final selection, or your money back.
  8. Deliver all this within three working days

All the Compatriots are supplied from the amazing AIEA pool of executive talent. We have hundreds of senior executives and managers immediately available to help your organisation reach its full potential.

A large number of these experienced people take up a permanent position within the company once the client realises the value that is added by the senior executive. No additional fees are charged in this event.

What can we do for you?

Just about anything! Here is an extensive representation of the services that the GreyHair Compatriots have previously provided.

Ready to get going? To see if GreyHair can provide the personnel you need, in the flexible approach you desire, please click on the ‘Enquire Now’ button on the right.

For the budget conscious employer, GreyHair has some creative ways of trimming the cost.