What Type of Hiring Manager are You?


RequirementsOption 1Option 2Option 3

Mal Walker Consults

GreyHair Full Search

Another Agency

1Help with creating the Job DescriptionYESYESYES
2Advertise my roleYESYESYES
3Search and select candidates that meet ALL my written criteriaYESYESYES
4Have each candidate apply, in writing, for my specific jobYESYESYES
5Provide a Shortlist that best meets my requirementsNOYESYES
6Guarantee two or more applications or my money backNOYES??
7Extend the search unit the right candidate is foundNOYESYES
8Qualifications and Reference CheckingNOYESProbably

Deliver all this within five working days


Highly Unlikely

 FEE (incl GST)$990$9900

15%-25% of Remuneration

 If you answer:

  • I am a capable hiring manager and have the bandwidth to do the complete recruitment myself: Go for It! You don’t need GreyHair’s help.
  • I am a capable hiring manager but I want access to a pool of competent senior executives. Choose Option 1.
  • I have a competent HR Department but I think the person we need could be in the AIEA membership. Choose Option 1.
  • I want a service provider to do everything for me. Choose Option 2 or work with another Recruitment Agency (Option 3).
  • I want full service but I am hyper price sensitive. Choose Option 2.
  • Time is critical. I need to fill this role NOW. Choose Option 1 or Option 2